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How to Start Your Own Vending Machine Business

How to Start Your Own Vending Machine Business

Vending machines have never gone out of style. Practically every gas station, convenience store, school cafeteria and commercial cafeteria features one or more vending machines in it.


People love the convenience of purchasing a bottled drink or bagged snack from a machine whenever they need one. There are even vending machines that sell lottery tickets, frozen dinners, cigarettes, ice cream, and desserts too.


Starting a vending machine business can be a very lucrative venture. You just need to plan out the business carefully.


Here are the top 5 essential steps for starting a vending machine business.


1) Choose What You Want to Sell


What type of items do you want to sell in your vending machines? Do you want to sell standard food and drinks? How about some ice cream or frozen dinners? The answer will determine whether you need to buy specialty vending machines or traditional machines.


2) Select the Best Locations for the Machines


Where do you want to set up your vending machines? Contact various business owners and work out deals to rent space on their properties for your machines to be installed.


3) Purchase Wholesale Vending Machines


Vending machines are expensive. Find wholesalers who can sell you one or more vending machines at discounted prices. They should have a delivery or pickup option that is convenient too.


4) Purchase Wholesale Inventory


Now you need to purchase the food and drink items for your vending machines. Once again, contact food suppliers and wholesalers that can offer you a good deal on bulk purchases.


5) Set Up the Machines and Inventory


Set up your vending machines at the locations that you arranged. Fill the vending machines with the wholesale items that you purchased.


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