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USA Wholesale Halloween Costume Vendors

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Get Ready For Halloween!!

Halloween is a time to get creative. But with day-to-day life already busy enough, sometimes Halloween can become an afterthought, rather than a true celebration. Get inspired to embrace this beloved holiday and do something fun and memorable. No matter where you are or who you’re with, our list can help you!

We've compiled a list of wholesalers that will be updated as we approach Halloween.  This list includes everything you need to contact wholesale Halloween costume vendors today and start buying one of the hottest products today for your shop. As a leading Halloween cloth exporter, you can expect the best deal in the latest fashion and you can get the most trending products from us.The Glam Book is a website that is designed to help business owners or new stores fill their stores with high-quality products. These Halloween vendor wholesalers are trusted and recommended wholesale clothing suppliers.These vendor lists are the next step to help to get your store ready for next Halloween.

Make your next Halloween one to remember, and use our collection to inspire you when Halloween is approaching.Be you with your kids, partner, family, friends, or on your own, there are so many fun ways you can celebrate one of the most creative and unique celebrations of the year.

We have all the vendors you need this year to get your costumes early and get them to your clients a.s.a.p.! This list will contain vendors for Wholesale women’s costumes, sexy costumes, men’s costumes and kids clothing costumes as well. Majority of this list will all be USA based so you won't have to worry about long and expensive shipping. We advise that if you have purchased this list to order costumes quickly as competitive retailers such as Spirit Halloween will have ordered a lot of fill there stores. Don’t be afraid to mark up the costumes a bit as they will be in high demand. Halloween is a short season so make some quick money!! We will update this list over time to add any additional vendors we come across as we are a bit early. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE ALL LINKS INTO WEB BROWSER IF THEY AREN'T CLICKABLE!!


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Please read the descriptions of the list before purchasing.

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