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How To Start Your Own Hair Business in 2022!

Hair businesses are more popular than ever. Many women (and some men) love to purchase natural or synthetic hair extensions and wigs. Hair products help people create a distinct look for themselves that they’ve always wanted to achieve. That demand is not going away anytime soon.


Here are the top 5 steps for starting a hair business in 2022.


1) Choose a Hair Niche


Do you want to sell synthetic hair or natural human hair? Will you specialize in selling wigs, braids, extensions or all of the above?


It is okay to sell multiple types of hair products. Just make sure the products coincide with the brand and image you want to promote for your hair business.


2) Set Up an E-Commerce Store


Hair businesses don’t need a brick-and-mortar store, especially during the times of COVID-19. Your best bet would be to open an e-commerce hair business and sell your hair products online.


But if you do decide to set up a physical storefront, make sure you choose a central location for it. Places like malls and shopping centers are the most ideal for hair businesses.


3) Connect with Wholesalers


You need to connect with wholesalers that will supply you with discounted hair products for your business. Find wholesalers that specialize in selling hair products within the same niche as your business. If they are a reliable vendor, you can continue doing business with them whenever you run out of inventory.


4) Register the Business


Even if your hair business is online, you need to register it with your Secretary of State. Then you can honestly promote the business as an honest company to your buyers online.


Note: Don’t forget to obtain a resale license. The wholesalers will want you to have one before they sell their products to you.


5) Store the Inventory


Put the hair products inside of air-tight storage containers. Place the containers in a cool, dry location with plenty of air conditioning.


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