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Where To Find Good Wholesale Clothing Vendors

Finding Vendors For My Store


Finding vendors for my store was soooo hard to find. I felt like no one had what I was looking for. I remember starting off a few years ago and completely giving up because I just wanted to sell the most popular items but I wasn’t able to fully trust anyone. That’s when I came across The Glam Book.


The Glam Book is a vendor company that completely gave the confidence to re start my business. The vendors were spot on for what I was looking for. Having good vendors is so important because you are initially doing business with that company. Once you order from them and like what they have to offer, you are pretty much working with them for life, unless you decide to close your business.


I learned throughout this process that it is important to search hell and high water to find the best vendors because you want to stay up to date with the trends. Don’t always worry about if you are selling what another store is selling. I learned that if a similar store to yours carries the same items and they run out, they will come looking for you. I highly recommend The Glam Book when looking for vendors. They carry vendor list that provide good quality wholesalers so you wont have to search the web all day. Their list are all instantly emailed. It’s a cool concept because it saves me time and they provide a lot of vendors on all of the list to give me a bunch of options!



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