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Where To Find Kids Clothing Wholesale Vendors

Wholesale Kids Clothing Vendors


Want to start a kids clothing boutique but having troubles finding the kids clothing? We’ve got you covered. Getting the best vendors for your boutique is crucial to having a successful business. Why? Time and quality. You always want to order your clothing from wholesale companies that are fast and reliable. This is very important because if the items in your store are popular, you want to be able to restock those items as soon as possible. Quality is also a key factor because you have to remember that children’s skin is more sensitive than adults, plus who doesn’t want good quality clothing?


The best place to find a list of good quality kids vendors is The Glam Book. The Glam Book is a website that is designed to help business owners or new stores fill their stores with good quality clothing. The website will carry over 400 different vendors including kids clothing vendors. All vendor list that are ordered are instantly emailed. After you purchase a list and download it to your computer, you will have access to those wholesalers. You will be able to proceed searching though the list and find which vendor is best for the type of clothing you are looking to sell!


Small Tips


Always order the smallest amounts possible when starting your boutique. You want to test for quality and speed first. If you come across a boutique you really like but the speed of shipping is a bit too slow for you, order bulk then, but only after you test quality. Clothing items that you like the most that may have slower shipping is the one you can order bulk from that way you have time in between inventory to stock up. You can also try and ask those companies if they allow samples first to check for quality.


Be sure to head over to The Glam Book to order your vendor list to get started with your business!!

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