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Where To Find Wholesale Hair Vendors For Your Business

Wholesale hair vendors will become the leading suppliers for your hair business. They can provide you with synthetic or authentic human hair products for a fraction of what you will charge for them at your store.


All you have to do is find reputable wholesale hair vendors that you can trust. If you end up doing business with a shady wholesaler, then you might end up with low-quality hair products to sell to your customers. Either that or your wholesaler won’t act fast enough to ship new items after you run out of inventory.


Therefore, you must find the best wholesale hair vendors for your business. Here are the top three tips on how to get started.


1) Research the Hair Vendors


Start by researching the various wholesale hair vendors out there. Do research when using a website like Alibaba or AliExpress because hair vendors are usually based in China and can produce low-quality products. They will have some great vendors on there, but still request samples.


Find a wholesale hair vendor from your country if possible. A website like The Glam Book can help you get started in your search for the best wholesale hair vendors.


2) Contact the Vendors


If you’ve managed to locate some reputable hair vendors, the next step is to contact them about their wholesale services. Ask them for a list of prices and their specific terms of service, particularly their shipping times.


It is crucial to choose a vendor with guaranteed shipping times. That way, you don’t end up waiting for a new shipment after you’ve run out of inventory.


3) Request Hair Samples


Request samples of their hair products to test their quality. Feel the hair and determine whether it is real human hair or high-quality synthetic hair. Avoid all low-quality synthetic hair.


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